Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Who do I contact with any questions?
  2. What kitchen scale do you use?
  3. What pressure cooker do you use?
  4. What food processor do you use?
  5. What blender do you use?
  6. What steamer do you use?
  7. How to calculate your daily calorie needs
  8. What's a good tool to track nutrition?
  9. Is carrageenan safe?
  10. Is my HDL cholesterol too low?
  11. Is oil healthy or hazardous?
  12. How to replace eggs in baking?
  13. How to replace fats in baking?

Step 1:
Determine your basal metabolic rate (BMR)
BMR Calculator

Step 2:
Take the value from Step 1 and multiply it by the value from the Harris Benedict Equation link below.
Harris Benedict Equation